Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Best Rechargeable D Size Batteries & Chargers

The best rechargeable D size batteries are the new LSD Ni-MH (low self-discharge Nickel-Metal Hybride) cells. These new Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are able to retain a charge for a year, making them suitable for using in flashlights and other low-term applications.These new Imedion batteries by PowerEx “low self-discharge” Ni-MH batteries were released last year. They boast improvements in the self-discharge rate by retaining a charge capacity of 90% after 6 months and 85% after 12 months, which makes them ideal for storing and for use in flashlights or other low-drain devices.

They come pre-charged and have a capacity of 9,500 mAh (milli Amp hours). Compatible with Ni-MH chargers, they can be charged up to 1,000 times. A pack of 2 sells for around $30.

The Imedion D-size batteries are available from Amazon. They also come in C-Size.

Update: There is now a “low self-charge” D-size batteries available: the Tenergy “Centuron” (8000 mAh) However, the Imedion is still our top choice, due its high capacity and good track record.
Best Standard Ni-MH D Battery: Tenergy D Size Rechargeable Batteries

If “low self-discharging” batteries are not important to you, these Tenergy Rechargeable D size batteries are a Ni-MH battery that offer a long running life and high capacity of 10,000 mAh. According to Tenergy, these batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times. They can be recharged via a smart charger or universal charger. A standard charge takes 15 hours at 800 mA or they can be rapid charged in 3 hours at 4,000 mA.

A pack of 8 Tenergy D size rechargeable batteries is available from Amazon for about $55.
The Longest Run Time & Highest Capacity Rechargeable D Batteries: Maha PowerEx


These Ni-MH batteries from PowerEx offer the longest run time and highest capacity of the rechargeable D size with 11,000 mAh, slightly more than the Tenergy and the Imedion batteries. Note these batteries are regular NiHM so they have a higher self-discharge rate. They can be recharged up to 1,000 times using a Ni-MH charger. A pack of 2 costs about $30.

The Maha PowerEx rechargeable D batteries sell on Amazon.
D-Sized Battery Chargers

The Best Overall: Maha PowerEx Ultimate Professional Battery Charger


The ultimate professional battery charger by Maha/PowerEx has been designed for the high capacity C and D batteries. Charging time for an 11,000 mAh D size battery is around just 5 hours. You can charge any combination of AAA, AA, C, or D batteries at the same time with up to 8 stations. Each battery is individually monitored via an LCD display to show charging status.

The Maha charger features a soft and rapid charging mode, will automatically shut off when a full charge is reached, and runs at a low temperature. It’s powered by an AC adapter.

You can get it on Amazon for around $85.00.

The Most Versatile (NiCad and NiMH Compatible) – Ansmann Deluxe “Energy 16” Charger

Ansmann is a German company known for their range of high-end, intelligent battery chargers. Ansmann’s “Energy 16” charger can handle both NiCad and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries. When the batteries are inserted into the charger, they are analysed, and batteries needing reconditioning are automatically restored by several cycles of charging and discharging. The charger will also indicate if a battery has been damaged and cannot be charged.

This charger has ten charging positions: six for AAA, AA, C or D sized cells, and four for 9V cells. The six top positions can handle two AAA or two AA cells or one each of the larger C or D cells.

A LED display shows the state of charging for each cell.

This charger can be used worldwide — it accepts 100-240V 50-60Hz AC.

It’s available from Amazon for around $120.

A Smaller and More Affordable Version – Ansmann Deluxe “Energy 8” Charger

Ansmann’s “Energy 8” charger has all the features of the “Energy 16” charger, but has 8 charging points instead of 16. It has four AAA/AA/C/D and two 9V positions.

It’s available from Amazon for around $70.
A Smart Charger – Tenergy Universal Smart Charger for Rechargeable D Batteries

This universal smart charger from Tenergy will automatically detect the size and type of battery placed in the slot and charge them individually or in a group. With two charging bays, it can charge 2 9V batteries or 4 of any combination of AAA, AA, C, and D. It can charge both Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries. Each battery is individually monitored with an LED light to indicate discharge, fast charge, and trickle charge. You can mix batteries within the charger.

Sensing when the battery has reached a full charge, it will shut off or switch to a standby battery. It can also detect when a battery has reached the end of it’s life. Powered by an AC 110v-240v adapter, this charger can recharge a D size battery of 1200 mAh to 10,000 mAh in 3-10.5 hours.

The Tenergy Universal Smart Charger is sold on Amazon for about $22.00.
USB Port Feature Included – Tenergy Super Universal LCD Battery Charger With USB Port


Another selection from Tenergy, this universal charger can recharge a combination of 1 to 4 AAA, AA, C, or D sized Ni-MH batteries and 1 to 2 9V Ni-MH batteries. For a D size battery of around 9,000 mAh, the charging time will take about 7.5 hours. The blue LCD display shows individual battery status: charge, discharge, full, and bad.

This charger also features a built-in USB port to power your personal digital devices, though it can’t be done at the same time as the batteries. Comes with a 100-240v AC adapter and offers short circuit protection.

The Tenergy Super Universal LCD battery charger is available from Amazon for about $37.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wildgame Innovation Camera Reviews

Wildgame innovation cameras are well known for their impeccable quality. They are reliable, simple to use and designed to suit all hunting needs. The cameras can be divided into – Razor, Crush and Commander Series. With a total of 14 cameras, Wildgame innovation has one of the most extensive collection of trail camera (for example: MOULTRIE M-40 GAME CAMERA ) These cameras just change the way you hunt, they make it better!

Wildgame Innovations Blade X6 Trail Camera

Looking to blend your trail camera into the background? Then the low cost Wildgame Innovations Blade X6 Trail Camera is just the one you’re looking for with its Bark casing. Not only does it look just like a piece of a tree, but animals won’t be able to tell the difference when they are out and about. The camera uses a 36 piece Black LED infrared flash to take photos and videos. The videos are 480p, so although not high definition they are still respectable and easy to make out. This includes daytime and nighttime videos, with a 50ft. invisible IR flash range and only a 1 second trigger speed.

Eight AA batteries will last the camera up to a year, even with all features activated. Max supported SD card is 32GB, and should cover thousands of pictures and videos combined. Accessories bundled with the package are bungee cords so that you can place it anywhere, getting that perfect position on the first try. The casing is both water resistant and weather durable, so expect a lot of use out of this product. And with the time lapse technology from Wildgame, a large area can be covered by this small camera, saving you both time and money. A nice alternative for buyers that don’t need true HD, this camera will give you plenty of good years.

Wild Game Innovations Buck Commander Nano 16 IR Camera

Specializing in the low cost camera, the Wild Game Innovations Buck Commander Nano 16 IR is another micro cam that is touted as one of the smallest in the entire market. This gives buyers more options for mounting or hiding it, where other cameras would be a hassle to. The exact dimensions are 3×2.25×3.25 and it uses an improved version of their Bark casing called TRUbark HD. This is even more realistic looking than the original and will really be the benchmark for the company moving forward with its Bark designs.

The FlexTime and time lapse technology have been improved considerably, giving you full control of the camera on a schedule and when it should take shots. With the correct setup you could even extend the life of the camera beyond the norm by optimizing picture taking and power saving schedules according to your need. And if you need something that covers a wider range, they have a 19:9 aspect ratio option for the images that will really bring out the detail. Small and incredible powerful, buyers will fall in love with this camera right out of the box.

Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera

The Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera is a low priced model from the company that works well for beginners. An attractive feature on it is the Realtree Xtra Camo that can give you good placement of the camera. It uses an invisible IR flash in combination with 32 high intensity LED’s for optimal daytime settings. Nighttime pictures are a bit grainy, but still great considering the price of the camera.

It powers for a full year on a set of 8AA batteries and can support SD cards up to 32GB. For video uses expect standard definition 480p, but of good quality even at night. Information available for each piece of media to differentiate them is moon phase, time and date stamps. With the included bungee cords and some good positioning hunters can feel confident in the casing being both rugged and weather resistant when things get harsh. This is going to be about as low priced a camera as buyers can get that can handle all of these features, which makes it a good buy overall.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Look out for these 3 things when starting a new business

There are many strings — or risks — attached to starting your own business. Between undertaking basic insurance, recruiting top talent, and developing your marketing strategy, resources are already stretched thin.

That's why we often don't think about the unforeseen circumstances until it’s too late.

Lurking in the corner are the easy-to-miss risks, and though it might be easy to disregard those risks because they seem far-fetched, they’re far more common than you think.

Here are some threats that are easy to overlook, but should be taken seriously.

1. Fraud

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), small businesses with 100 or fewer employees have lost on average $147,000 due to fraud, making the issue pervasive. Small businesses are much more susceptible to fraud than large corporations. ACFE warns of five types of fraud commonly found in small business: billing fraud, check meddling, corruption — which includes bribery and legal freebies — and expense-compensation fraud.

2. Intellectual-property theft

According to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), only 15% of small businesses that conduct business abroad realize that a US patent or trademark protects their product only in the US. To protect your product from infringement abroad, you must register for a patent in each country in which you’re conducting business.

Also consider recording your trademark and/or copyright with the US Customs and Border Protection to prevent infringed products from being imported into the US. Registering for patent rights in other countries also helps prevent the exportation of infringed products.

Ultimately, it’s in your best interest to understand how to leverage intellectual property in every aspect of your business — from licensing and product design and development to marketing and exporting.

Remember, you have an abundance of government and private resources to fall back on to protect your proprietary rights.

3. Social media

As if that’s not enough, you also have to deal with social media — the digital fingerprint of your company. And the last thing you need is a social-media mishap that leads to a razed reputation and lingering client mistrust.

Don’t let an ill-thought-out tweet or Facebook post burn your company’s reputation to rubble — because all it takes is one. Consider training your employees on proper online practices and social-media literacy. Cover topics on the company’s social-media guidelines, privacy settings, keeping with the brand voice, and managing confidentiality and security.

Despite all of the safeguards, social-media blunders may not even be your company’s fault. Keep an eye out for imposters who are posing as your company — they’re either using your name and logo, or have created a fake website. Download firewalls, internet-protection services, and any other programs to avoid falling victim to phishing and hackers, who could penetrate your company's gold mine of sensitive information.

Monday, March 6, 2017

How to make your small business appear bigger

Starting your own business is an accomplishment, but it's just the first step. It's even more important to have a company that people take seriously.

Everyone will have an opinion about your business, so it's important to be buttoned up — both online and in-person. If your website doesn't work properly, or if your business' number connects to your personal cell phone — you'll likely turn away potential customers.

Consider these five tips to give your business a more professional look and feel.

Friday, March 3, 2017

5 reasons business owners should never stop learning

As a small business owner, you wear many different hats and are doing whatever it takes to help your company and team succeed. Given the hectic schedule and irregular hours, thinking about taking classes or seminars to further your education can be difficult — let alone finding the time to actually take them.

Although learning something new may seem daunting, the reward goes far beyond personal growth. In fact, furthering your education can benefit your employees, business, and brain. Here are five ways every small business owner can benefit from continued education.

The Best Rechargeable D Size Batteries & Chargers

The best rechargeable D size batteries are the new LSD Ni-MH (low self-discharge Nickel-Metal Hybride) cells. These new Ni-MH rechargeable...